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Web design

A high quality web site has a clear message. It's easy to navigate and it has an appealing design.

By understanding your web page concept and the target audience, we will create a high quality web site that has a clear message and will increase your customer base.

Web development

Custom web software like searchable database, e-commerce or content management system can open a variety of possibilities for your online success.

While static web pages can present information about your company, they are like a printed brochure. A dynamic web site, on the other hand, will allow your customers to search, purchase products and find the information they want.

A well-designed website can also save you time. For example, by linking your website to your internal inventory, you can allow customers to conveniently locate your products themselves, rather than having to call you.

Web Marketing and Branding

Web Marketing has two targets: your current and future customers, and search engines.

Think about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) like advertising your web page to the search engine to gain better visibility.

With page optimization and link popularity campaigns, your customers can find your web site through search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN) easily, even if they are misspelling the name of your business or products. Most important of all is to make sure that your web site visitors are highly matched to your products or services.

You will increase your web site traffic with customers who are interested in your business using web marketing strategies such as:
- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
- Pay per Click
- Link building

Domain name registration

Finding a good .com domain name is quite a challenge. It should be easy to remember, but also search-engine friendly.

You can search for naming ideas and buy the available one, or purchase an existing domain. In both cases it is worth registering alternate names or misspellings of the chosen name.

Web Design Essence will work with you to find the best domain name for your business.


You know exactly how should your web site look like and work. What else do you need?

Web Design Essence can help you to find a web site hosting service that fits your needs best, keep your content up to date, develop new features, and integrate your website into your existing infrastructure.

The first consultation is free.

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