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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We can optimize access to your web site by:

Analyzing keywords

By researching your target audience, we will determine the key phrase that people are going to type when looking for your products or services.

Alternate spelling

Some visitors can misspell the name of your web site (URL). Some will misspell the name of your products or services while searching for your web page. They can use alternate spellings or synonyms.

Looking for a dentist somebody might use: dental, dentist, dentistry, teeth/teth (misspelled), tooth/toth, tooth ache, orthodontic, braces, periodontic, veneers, cavity, oral surgery or root canal. If these keywords are not on your webpage, chances are that the customers will not find you.

Refining the copy writing

The keywords need to be integrated into your web site content. A search engine-friendly content is one that is rich in keywords and is continually growing.


In order for your web site to be visible on search engine, we will submit your web site to the current major search engines for indexing. The submissions will be made manually to make sure they are registered correctly.

We will use the latest techniques for optimizing your web site to be search engine friendly, increasing your chances to be on top.

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Pay-per-Click advertisement

Pay per click (PPC) is a quick way to get traffic to your web site. Your ads will be listed in the “Sponsored links” category and they will stay there as long as you will be paying for all the clicks on your web site that come from the search engine(s) you choose.

You have the option to set budgets, and thereby control how much you spend. The advantage is that you pay only when someone actually clicks on your ad.

How it works?

You bid on some keywords that you believe your target market will type in the search bar when they will search for your type of products or services. The more you bid for a particular keyword, the higher your web site will be listed in the results for that keyword. You always have the option of changing the amount you want to pay for a keyword, and the changes are instantaneous.

PPC can be the perfect solution while we are perfecting your SEO.

Contact us to find out how you can bring traffic to your web site.

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Link building

This is the process of establishing a number of quality incoming links. The more links pointing to your web site, the better ranking you will get in the search engines. Links from more important web sites are weighted more in your ranking.

There are a large number of free and paid online directories where you can register your web site. Online directories work similar to the Yellow Pages. We can register your web page in the best directories for your business domain. Also, we offer consultation about the best way to build links in your specific case.

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