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Searchable database

A database can contain your products/services list, MLS listing (real estate), articles or company employee directory.

Allowing the customer to look up data from your database not only saves customer support costs, but also conveniently gives access to information as expected by many customers. The access to our data can be public or password protected, accessible only to groups you chose.

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By adding e-commerce to your web site the customers can access online catalogs of products or services and purchase online. You can have a 24/7 open online store, offering convenience and ease of purchasing for your customers.

Online you can offer all the details about the product including multiple photos or videos. A well informed customer is more likely to purchase or return to your web site.

With e-commerce you can compete in markets which would be out of your reach normally. Somebody from the other side of the country can access your online store just as easily as your neighbor.

Your online store can provide a significant part of your revenue, or even all of it, just like for Amazon or eBay.

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Content Management System (CMS)

With CMS application, you can easily manage your own web site content and pictures on a regular basis. You can do this even if don't have any programming skills.

CMS is cost effective because by editing your web page by yourself there is no need to pay the hourly fee for maintenance. Your website will be up to date, the clients will stay informed and your site's search engine rating will improve which in turn will attract more customers.

CMS can be used as an addition to regular maintenance, or completely replacing the maintenance services.

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